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Linda Ellis Much Like the Missionary Entrepreneur

Linda Ellis, the owner and founder of Linda’s Lyrics, LLC, as well as author of world-famous poem The Dash, fits the precepts of a 2005 economic study which indicated that successful entrepreneurs often benefit from a variety of educational and work experiences in their past, as well as having a wide-ranging social network to inform their efforts.

The entrepreneur has been linked to the values of sea piracy in that both professions may essentially be inspired by an amoral approach to business model creation and education.  While this notion would appear to be at polar opposites from the values and views of a poet, Ellis does not necessarily have to squeeze into a single definition of the effective business startup owner.  The Darwinian entrepreneur, for instance, may be one who has an ability to recognize evolution, or change, in the business environment and step in to take advantage of it, even at the expense of the creative destruction that evolution brings.  

The Communitarian entrepreneur relies upon the consumer drive of a community of like-minded people who subscribe to the same values and goals as the product of the entrepreneur, while the Missionary entrepreneur relies upon a core purpose beyond the making of money as defined by Randy Komisar, the author of The Monk and the Riddle.  The Missionary entrepreneur as defined by Komisar has a larger goal: building a sustainable company which has the ability to make the desired impact and accomplish a greater purpose.  

Linda Ellis may be said to fall in this latter category, while benefiting from the communitarian values of her market target group.

Linda Ellis Reveals Her Risk-Taking Side

Paul DiMaggio, sociologist, has said of entrepreneurs, "…new institutions arise when organized actors with sufficient resources [institutional entrepreneurs] see in them an opportunity to realize interests that they value highly.”  In this regard, Linda Ellis passionately advocates for the communication of her life-affirming message, and her entrepreneurial spirit has emerged in the formation of Linda’s Lyrics, LLC to promote her message.

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship are words often associated with taking risks.  Entrepreneurs like Linda Ellis, now leader of Linda’s Lyrics, LLC must often place their careers and their financial safety at risk in order to promote an idea or product. Entrepreneurs must often spend both their capital and their time on ventures which may be uncertain.  Uncertainty is the keyword when launching a business venture, and measuring the risk of the venture can be done statistically, while the ambiguity of success and the true uncertainty of the outcome are impossible to predict.  

Ellis entered the realm of at least ambiguity when she created Linda’s Lyrics, LLC, for Ellis did at least have an existing market for products associated with her hugely popular poem The Dash.  There was a reason to believe that Ellis could build upon that existing product through her company, and through considerable entrepreneurial acumen make keen explorations of the market for her inspirational message through her poem.

Entrepreneurs like Linda Ellis, owner of Linda’s Lyrics LLC., may use a variety of strategies to build their businesses.  A strategy which Ellis has already utilized is the creation of products which promote the ideas and creativity of her poem The Dash.


Linda Ellis May Utilize Multiple Oral Techniques to Improve Presentations

Many public speakers perceive the public presentation podium as a signal to talk, and to talk ad nauseum.  In truth, a conversational approach is much more natural and allows for the absorption of the information being presented.  This means allowing for spaces of silence during the presentation.  
Linda Ellis attempts to present her Live Your Dash message, originating from her enormously successful poem The Dash, in her most audience friendly style, retaining the fire and passion she feels for helping others live a full life.  In order to make the presentations as impactive and inspiring as possible, Ellis may strive to improve her presentation skills through practice, speaking instruction, feedback and studies of her own performance on video.

Frightening at first, the interjection of moments of silence in an oral presentation is empowering for effective speakers; pauses which permit listeners to consider important points, and for speakers to take a deep, calming breath.  The more confident the speaker, the more appreciative of silences he or she becomes, and the more adept at using them to improve the message.  Public speakers like motivational speaker and author Linda Ellis, who regularly presents her Live Your Dash inspirational talk (based upon her world-famous poem The Dash), recognize the self-affirming power of congratulating themselves on a job well done.  

Recalling the successful moments of an oration buoy one over even while using mistakes as a springboard for improvement.  Nonprofit organizations, such as Toastmasters, are also enormously supportive for speakers, providing training in speaking and leadership abilities.


Linda Ellis - How To Improve Your Business Sales

Before the success of her poem “The Dash” offered Linda Ellis the opportunity to pursue her dream career as a writer, she worked in the corporate world. As with everything that she has experienced in life, she learned many lessons during this period that she later went on to use upon establishing Linda’s Lyrics, LLC, which sells a range of products, including jewelry and inspirational plaques, based on her work. Operating her own company means that she needs to be fully aware of the sales techniques that drive success, with the below being amongst the most important.

Understand Your Goals

All businesses should be able to define their goals. In the case of Linda’s Lyrics, LLC, the goal is to spread the message of joy and hope that is found in “The Dash” by selling a wide range of products inspired by the poem. Know what your sales aims are and who your target audience is to achieve success.

Educate Your Customers

By providing information to your customers you can help them to make purchasing decisions by demonstrating why they need the product that you’re selling. Many new businesses make the mistake of trying to dictate to customers, instead of offering them guidance so that they can find what they need.

Communicate Well

Linda Ellis has a positive attitude that is reflected in everything that she does in life. She recognizes that many of the people who purchase the products created by Linda’s Lyrics, LLC are fans of “The Dash” and she appreciates their patronage. By communicating effectively, she is able to offer the service her customers expect.

Linda Ellis - Creative Writing Mistakes To Avoid

Within Linda Ellis burns a creative fire that has allowed her to create works that have inspired millions of people around the world. Her seminal poem “The Dash” allowed her to pursue her dream career as a writer and the inspirational video based on the poem has been viewed by more than fifty million people. Creative writing is often extremely difficult, as it is hard to bring a vision to life on the page, so try to avoid all of the following mistakes so that you can create good pieces.

Avoid Verbiage

Many creative writers fall into the trap of using verbiage in an effort to convey their points, when simplicity would work far better. While it is tempting to try to show off your writing abilities through the use of uncommon words, you may find that doing so makes your writing less accessible to people who may otherwise have appreciated the message you’re trying to convey.

Waiting For Inspiration

It is a wonderful thing when inspiration strikes, but even the most creative people are likely to experience occasional lulls. When this happens, you should not make the mistake of not writing, as you may find that your skills dull over time. Try to put something on paper every day, even if it is only a small piece. You can always go back to edit it later.

Relying On Spell-Check

Linda Ellis recognizes that properly proofing your writing is crucial, especially if you hope to get it published. While automated spellcheckers are useful, you should not rely on them to spot every mistake that you make.

Linda Ellis - Ways To Deepen Your Compassion

Linda Ellis is a deeply compassionate person who aims to inspire people in any way that she can, both by traveling the United States to speak to her audience and through her work with Linda’s Lyrics, LLC, which sells a range of products inspired by her breakthrough poem “The Dash”. She cares deeply about people and recognizes that compassion is something that needs to be worked on if you are to help others. The following are all ways that you can deepen your compassion, all of which will help you to offer the support that others need, while also making positive changes in your own life.

Learn To Listen

All too often, people engage in conversations with others without truly listening to what is being said. In many cases, people find themselves trying to formulate responses in their minds while others are still talking, which means they don’t pay attention to what is really being said. Instead, try to give the speaker your undivided attention and suspend all judgment. In many cases, you will find that by listening, instead of trying to provide quick advice, you will help others deal with their issues.

Pay Attention To Emotion

While you should listen to everything that is being said to you, it is also important to recognize that non-verbal cues can often more accurately demonstrate the true feelings of the speaker. Some may even try to hide their emotions through the use of language that doesn’t truly demonstrate how they feel. As such, you need to develop the ability to understand the underlying emotions behind what is being said and respond to them, as well as the actual words. This allows for trust to form in the relationship, making the person you’re speaking to more likely to confide in you.

Have Empathy

In many cases, trying to put yourself in the position of the person you’re speaking to will help you to understand where they are coming from, allowing you to offer better advice in the process. We are often unaware of the pain that people carry inside, so don’t always assume that you are able to pass judgment on a situation based on what is visible. Instead, try to understand the root causes and how they affect people’s mentalities and their actions.

Support Yourself

Linda Ellis would not have achieved the success that she has enjoyed without the support of others. Her family, friends and the millions of people who have read her work all inspire her to do better, while offering guidance when it is needed. By focusing on yourself every so often you can develop as a person and reinvigorate your soul, allowing you to feel more compassion for others in the process.

Linda Ellis - Successful Writer and Inspirational Speaker

Linda Ellis is a highly regarded professional writer, poet, and inspirational speaker who has millions of readers and followers. Linda gained fame in 1996 when a local radio syndicate in Georgia read her poem live on the airwaves. The poem resonated with the radio's listeners and soon Linda started receiving phone calls from people who read her poem, telling her how the poem touched them. The experience was profound for Linda, and words of the poem started to spread rapidly. Soon the poem had millions of readers.

Linda decided that she needed to continue inspiring people through her passion for writing. She has since written many books that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. She now travels the country delivering inspirational and moving speeches designed to do what her poem did, encourage people to live their lives to the fullest.

The poem’s popularity and Linda’s success has turned the poem into somewhat of a pop culture item. A video based on the poem was created and has been viewed by more than 50 million people. Hallmark sells a framed copy of the poem in its stores around the country. Public people have seized on the poem of a source of inspiration for themselves and others. Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame head football coach, has used the poem as an inspiration. Additionally former Senator and Presidential candidate Bob Dole has recited the poem publicly. The entertainment world has even seized on it with former American Idol winner David Cook having a passage of the poem tattooed on his arm.

Linda Ellis continues to write regularly. She still resides in Georgia where she is also a mother and a wife.


Linda Ellis author of “The Dash” Poem - More

Than Just a Poem


Linda Ellis is the author of the 1996 world-renowned poem, “The Dash”. However, to the accredited author, the poem represent more than just words on a page, but rather a lifestyle that should be lived every day. Ellis was working in the corporate world during the 90’s when she received the inspiration for the poem. For a time, Ellis tried to balance the life of the corporate world success while being tossed into a whirlwind of achievement for her poem. Eventually, Linda Ellis was able to ‘dash’ her way out of the corporate sector and devote her time into where she believes she was meant to be, the world of writing.


    Linda Ellis, the author of “The Dash” poem, enjoys the beach and quiet time with the waves.

The transition out of the corporate world was quick! Right before her eyes, Linda Ellis, inspirational author of “The Dash”, went from a daily routine to traveling and speaking all across the states. The transformation of her career allowed Linda Ellis the Dash Poem to travel, write and speak all the time, and consistently over the next ten years after the poem was written. Time finally where Ellis could produce the writing she desired to do, in order to inspire the people who would read her works.


As “The Dash” grew in size and impact, author Linda Ellis watched her life change with her family in her home in Georgia. With online merchandise such as jewelry, inspirational posters and other forms of art, the words, message and premise of “The Dash”, are continually spread throughout the globe.  The impact of the poem is not taken for granted.


Linda Ellis - “The Dash” a Poem with a Life of its Own

Linda Ellis is an accomplished professional writer, poet, and inspirational speaker. She regularly publishes poems on her blog that can be found through her personal website, In addition to poems, she has published many inspirational books and has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of her work. This success has allowed her to travel the country delivering powerful speeches intended to motivate and encourage people to live their lives. She meets her fans along the way, communicating and engaging with them, which Linda finds to be the largest reward and biggest payoff of her success.


In 1996, Linda Ellis shared her poem,

 Unlike many stories, Linda's success happened quickly and unexpectedly. In 1996, while working in the corporate world, Linda Ellis penned "The Dash", a poem encouraging people to make sure they live their lives, which she calls the dash, a reference to the dash on someone's tombstone in between their birthday and death date. She shared her new poem with a local radio syndicate in Georgia who recited the poem while live on the airwaves. The poem was an immediate success with listeners and word of it spread.

 Since 1996, the poem has been framed and sold in Hallmark stores around the country. Additionally, the poem caught on with public figures. Former Senator and Presidential candidate Bob Dole has recited the poem in public forums and American Idol winner David Cook has a passage of the poem tattooed on his arm. Linda Ellis now sells jewelry with her trademarked phrase: “Live Your Dash” engraved upon it.

 Linda Ellis continues to write and speak publicly. She currently lives in Georgia where she is a mother and a wife.

Linda Ellis: Successful Writer and Inspirational Speaker


Linda Ellis - Ways To Deepen Your Compassion


Linda Ellis Advocates Careful Speech Preparation

With a lot of preparation, and persistence in practice, those who suffer from a fear of public speaking can often overcome its debilitating effects.  Linda Ellis, the author of the world-famous The Dash, a poem which succinctly reminds readers of the monumental meaning of the dash on tombstones between birth and death, engages in a daily effort to make her vocalization of the Live Your Dash presentation as urgent and as inspiring as its subject.  

Following the teachings of public speaking teachers, the first precept in conquering speaking fears is the admonition to know the subject.   A speech topic benefits from the care and understanding of its presenter, making it far less likely that the speaker will lose track of the topic or make a mistake.  Even if the speaker gets lost somehow during the presentation, careful and concerned preparation will enable the orator to get back on track quickly.  It is also helpful to consider beforehand the types of questions which audience members may have, arming the presenter with knowledgeable and on-target responses.

Many orators, such as Linda Ellis, the writer of popular poem The Dash and today an inspirational speaker, carefully organize their presentations down to the last detail.  A visit to the site of the speaking venue ensures that the proper equipment will be used to maximize the message of the orator.  Careful outlines at the podium enable the speaker to be more confident and less nervous during the progression of the speech.